This episode we had the opportunity to pay a visit to Theresa Noot and her daughter Kyla Savage in "Gum Boot Country" at their home in Merville BC. Theresa and her husband Tim have been commercial fishing for salmon, halibut and tuna for over 30 years. Kyla was raised in the industry, and worked seven consecutive seasons on the "Titanium" with her dad. We were able to be educated on the ins and outs of how commercial fishing licensing works, where to find tuna in BC waters and how many gumboots they own. It was a great informative visit, and we were graciously gifted with romaine lettuce, kale, basil, garlic scapes and some tasty, perfectly ripe raspberries.

To contact Theresa or Kyla to purchase frozen at sea salmon call their house at (250)338-0587, or email Theresa at tnoot@shaw.ca

The strawberries are ready at Ashberry farm in Royston. I was busy this weekend getting a good pile in my freezer. I feel so good to put local organic ingredients in my storage.

The Comox Valley 100 dollar challenge is an initiative started by Russ Mahy, friend of the Edible Valley. It is a Facebook based challenge where his dream is to get 1000 Comox Valley familys to shift $100 dollars of their grocery budget monthly to local producers, thus injecting 1.2 million dollars into our hardworking farmers pocketbooks, and away from the multi-national faceless corporate run food system. Please have a look and consider joining up. If you are already supporting local agri, we want you too. Help spread the word.

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