Russ Mahy joined us for an interview. He came up with the concept of the $100 challenge, a initiative to shift $100 of your monthly spending on local products. It could be food, wine, art, or music. He feels like we need to grow a local economy and this is a great way to start small and build the momentum. Shopping locally is an adventure in diversity. If you are interested, please like the Facebook page and be prepared to keep track of your local spending to share with the group. He hopes to have 1000 families and individuals signed up by August 1st, and have a tally in a year to see how much money stayed in the valley. Please participate and spread the message, this is a wonderful way to build community and support those that work so hard to feed, entertain and clothe us locally. We also encourage getting your children involved. If they learn this lesson early, it will follow them through out their lives.

The Facebook campaign: Comox Valley $100 dollar challenge

Follow on twitter @Cvalley100

We also mentioned the Comox Valley Farm Cycle tour. I encourage many participants in this fun event. There are loops for every skill level of rider. I will be participating, meeting riders and farmers. It is the best of both worlds for this "cynical cyclist"

I want to apologize for the some what poor audio quality. We are still learning, and for some reason it did not sound as good for this interview as some of the others. We are currently looking to upgrade our audio equipment. If you have any knowledge or equipment that you could sell I would like to hear from you. Thanks.

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