Blayne, Scott and Jon

This episode we welcome Scott DiGustini of Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt, the Comox Valley's own artisan cultured dairy. We had an educational conversation about yogurt and the exciting things that are to come from Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt.

Coming Events

August 3rd to 6th-Comox host Nautical Days to celebrate B.C. day, and the Filberg Festival at the Filberg Lodge.

August 11 and 12th-The Comox Valley Farm Cycle Tour. Sign up for a fun day or days of bicycling in the beautiful countryside of the Comox Valley and meet the farmers who grow your food. I already have my ticket, do you?

August 25th- Mount Washington Food and Wine Festival.

September 8th- Chefs Day at the Farmers Market. Come and cheer on the chefs as they create wonderful dishes from foods available at the market. Come and say "Hi" to Jon.

September 23rd- Flavour the North Vancouver Island Gourmet Picnic. Visit the beautiful grounds of Coastal Black Winery and sample products from dozens of chefs and farmers from around the Comox Valley. Once again, Jon will be wearing many hats at this event. Blayne will be walking around and eating, what he does best!

Of course the bi-weekly Comox Valley Farmers Market

We would also like to extend an invitation to join a growing movement, the Comox Valley $100 Challenge. A facebook based community within a community. Join and help us keep some of our grocery dollars with our local producers.

Thanks for listening to Edible Valley. Find us on facebook, follow our twitter feed @ediblevalley, and email us for suggestions, comments or any other feedback you wish to give. Keep it Local.

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