We had a wonderful time this week with the Saputo Junior Chefs of 2014.  These four young adults hail from across Canada;  each hand chosen from a large number of entries. These particular four stood out to Saputo, and it's easy to see why. Not only did they each have their own unique background in food and food service, but collectively they create a larger picture of food in Canada - a snapshot of what is happening right now and where cuisine is headed in this fair country. 

   Alyssa, Tanita, Ian and Karolane were able to take a few minutes from their hectic Island tour to sit with us and discuss the impact and inspirations their two weeks of Island life and Island food culture has had on them. Chef Jonanthan and Darren were delighted to take in the perspective of these young hopefuls. Each one of them will make Fantastic Chefs in their own right. 

   Many thanks to the North Vancouver Chef's Association, the CCFCC and Saputo for hosting these bright young stars, and for their assistance in arranging this interview.

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