This week we had the great fortune of being able to sit down with Chris Graham to talk about his newest project, which is sure to revolutionize the Comox Valley's cuisine scene! It's called Communal Beat and it's all about food, entertainment and exploring in the Valley. We were able to get an advanced peak at the first issue, and it's incredible! Chock full of gorgeous imagery and familiar locations, peppered with some great feature articles, with a calendar  smack dab in the centre - showing every festival, performance, gathering, special activity and food related event for the month. This will surely become a vital resource of the locals and tourists alike.

If you're wondering why the name of Chris Graham sounds familiar, it's because you remember him as a staple of the Farmer's Market. It's Chris, the Tamale Guy! If any of you have been wondering just where he went, or what happened to him - this is it! He's been hard at work to get this monthly magazine off the ground. We had a fantastic time sitting down with him, and found that we're kindred spirits - we're all motivated by this beautiful island we live on, the people that cultivate and nurture it, and want nothing more than to share it's abundance with everyone! Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

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