The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and that is what the Taku resort is trying to do by bring in top notch chef to teach the wonders of food  to their guests. We were luck enough to have Erin Rowsell come in and talk to us a little about the exciting things happening at the cookery. Taku cookery goal is to provide meaningful and inspiring hands-on culinary experiences with renowned Chefs that focus on local ingredients on beautiful Quadra Island, BC. Guest of up to 8 people are invited to participate in hands-on classes which have included French culinary weekends, Gourmet bread coarse Chocolate Indulgence and Flavours of India. Erin was excited to let us know about some of the upcoming course like February 22-23 Chef David Robertson from the Dirty Apron. For more info check out their website or call reservations: 250.204.2121 toll free: 1.877.285.8258

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