Miles Olson came to Blayne's attention a few month back with the release of his book "Unlearn, Rewild" in 2012.

"UNLEARN, REWILD: Earth skills, Ideas and Inspiration for the Future Primitive

Picture a world where humans exist, like all other living things, in balance. Where there is no separation between “human” and “wild.” Step out of your comfort zone and into a healthy, sane and truly sustainable life that is integrated with nature.

Part meditation, part ethical investigation, part hard-core survival guide, Unlearn, Rewild blends philosophy with a detailed introduction to a rich assortment of endangered traditional living skills.

Lyrical, humorous, surprising, enlightening and thought-provoking by turns, this unique and thoroughly unconventional manual will make you question what it means to be civilized."

The book is highly recommended and written over a long winter as Miles lived alone in his squatter cabin on the outskirts of the Comox Valley. A true feralist who hunts and gathers most of his food, has learned traditional skills, and a connection with the earth in the ten years he has been living off the system. Thanks Miles, it was great to meet you and hear your story.

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