This episode we had a scheduling mix up with our expected guest, so we had to make alternate plans at the last minute. We decided to ask our beloved producer, Drex, to join us in studio and talk about the Edible Valley Test Kitchen event that we did at Beyond the Kitchen Door on November 13th. We mentioned this cooking demo on the show several times, which was by invite only to give thanks to several people at Jet FM and we also included Sue and Teresa from Beyond the Kitchen Door to enjoy a meal with us. Jon runs down the whole menu during this episode. Drex was happy to give us some feedback from someone who doesn't get to see a professional chef in action. Thanks for helping us out Drex!

For our Edible Valley Test Kitchen meal before the show, we were fortunate to receive a donated whole pastured chicken from Tannadice Farm in Dove Creek. Jon brined the bird and cooked it "beer can" style. The meat turned our moist and tender, and the skin was crunchy and salty, just the way it should. A side of coleslaw made with Eatmore Sprouts purple cabbage, smashed potatoes fried in butter and garnished with Blayne's homemade bacon, and savoury muffins. A ladle of flavourful gravy topped the whole plate. As always another amazing meal showcasing Comox Valley grown food.

Our upcoming events que was empty, and Hans Peter Meyer will be coming into studio next week for the December rundown of the holiday season food goings ons.

For December, Edible Valley is having a contest. We are offering a gift card to Atlas Cafe, worth $25, to any new followers to Facebook in the month of December. We will announce the winner on our first show in 2013. Let your friends know, because maybe you will get invited for a meal with the lucky winner.

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