Today we will be speaking with Stoyan and Galina from Comox Valley Mushrooms, now a thriving local family business they’ve supplied some of the areas top restaurants as well as the Comox Valley farmers market and with their ever growing band of loyal customers they are fast becoming the authority in the valley and beyond for all things mushrooms. 

Stoyan and Galina’s interest in mushrooms started when they saw a ted talk by Paul Stumets, an American mycologist and industry authority on all things mushrooms, the talk spoke of how some mushrooms are able to protect beehives from mites that can destroy the colony if left unchecked. From that point their interest became an obsession and they set about learning everything they could. They now live on a thriving farm on Fraser road where they produce from scratch an ever expanding range of mushrooms and are now diving head first into workshops their mission is to ‘educate and inspire the Comox Valley community in the art of cultivating their own mushrooms’. 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Stoyan and Galina onto the Edible Valley podcast!

Address 3337 Fraser Road, Courtenay BC


Phone: 1-778-317-7183


Facebook: @comoxvalleymushrooms 

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