This week we had a great opportunity for two guests. The episode runs longer a little longer than we usually shoot for, but it is full of good information.


Allen McWilliam from Tannadice Farm has been farming in the Comox Valley since 1974. He and his wife moved here and began their farm on 15 acres in Dove Creek and now they have become the biggest pork producer on Vancouver Island. The farm has grown to 105 acres, and also includes grass fed Black Angus beef and pastured poultry. Tannadice has the highest standards for the health of the pigs, keeping the herd healthy so they rarely need medications. Find Tannadice products at Butchers Block and Edible Island in Courtenay and Seeds in Cumberland. Thanks Allen, you are a doing things the right way and the Valley is lucky to have you.


Tara Grant is Primal Girl. This San Francisco CA based blogger has been writing about her un-successful results with western medicine and journey into the Primal lifestyle, along the way losing over 100 pounds and healing herself of many illnesses that conventional doctors couldn't. Her and Blayne connected on Twitter and by chance she happened to be in Comox for a few weeks. A coffee meeting yesterday resulted in her appearance on Edible Valley. She loves the area and is jealous of the amount of varied and vibrant agriculture and fabulous restaurants. Tara you are welcome back to the podcast anytime, and we look forward to taking you oyster picking when you come back in the winter. If you are interested in Primal/Paleo read Tara's blog for great information on the movement.

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