This week we had the pleasure to interview a relative newcomer to the Edible Valley, Arzeena Hamir. While Arzeena is new to the area, she is no stranger to the food culture. She has been involved with many different organizations over the years, including West Coast Seeds, former co-ordinator of the Richmond Food Security Council, and many non-profit societies in the Richmond area. She just returned this past weekend from the Garlic Festival in Richmond, a festival that she helped found four years ago. She has used SPIN farming(Small Plot INtensive) successfully in Richmond, growing food for a C.S.A. in the community. It was a lovely conversation full of knowledge and experience.

Thanks so much for having a visit with us Arzeena, the Edible Valley is lucky to have you growing food and sharing your wisdom.

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Mt. Washington Food and Wine Festival August 25th

The Comox Valley Exhibition at the Fairgrounds in Courtenay

Chefs Day at the Farmers Market September 8th. Come cheer Jon on as he helps to create from the bounty of the market.

September 23rd- Flavour the North Vancouver Island Gourmet Picnic. Visit the beautiful grounds of Coastal Black Winery and sample products from dozens of chefs and farmers from around the Comox Valley. Once again, Jon will be wearing many hats at this event. Blayne will be walking around and eating, what he does best! Island Soda Works will also be dishing out samples at this wonderful event.

The Comox Valley $100 dollar challenge. Join our initiative and help to keep dollars in the local economy.

Of course the Comox Valley Farmers Market twice weekly Saturday 9-12 at the Fair Grounds on Headquarters and Wednesday from 9-12 at the Comox Bay Farm.

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