Cooking Methods

On this episode of Edible Valley Food Facts we are talking Cooking Methods. Darren and Jonathan are once again trying to get back to basics in an attempt to simplify cooking and help break peoples fears of cooking and food. We will be discussing the effect of heat on food and the different ways of cooking. We plan to explore how proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water are effected by heat and what methods work best. From moist heat to dry heat methods we will be discussing our favourites ways and dishes that help us enjoy our edible valley. Learning how food cooks is and essential lesson to be learn in the kitchen and some simple knowledge can save you from hours of frustration and disaster. The simple techniques of simmering water to poaching and the benefits of steaming. We will get into a personal favourite, braising the process of slowly tenderizing a protein to bring about a tender juicy product. These are some examples of moist heat cooking methods, the process in conducting heat through a liquid, i.e. water, which we will dive in to more deeply in this episode. Dry heat Method on the other hand is the transfer of heat without moisture that is by using hot air, hot metal, radiation or hot fat. Great examples of these are baking, grilling, broiling, sautéing or deep frying. Hope you enjoy and learn while listening to this episode of Edible Valley Food Facts.

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