As you know, we love nothing more than to shine a light on any homegrown Comox Valley foods, products, farmers and producers as we can. It’s the reason we do what we do. Tonight we have Greg Wilson and James McKerricher of The Butcher’s Block in studio. Now, we don’t throw around phrases like ‘pillar of the community’ or ‘interwoven in the history of theComox Valley’ very often – but both stand true here. At 25+ years in the Valley, it’s of a small handful of food businesses that are wholly Comox Valleyian (we’re making up words today, that’s the kind of day it is); and have the tenure. Tonight we get to the heart of ‘why?’. Why have they been successful? Why here? Why sell what they sell? Listen in to this feel-good episode and let us know what you think as we reminisce over the last 25 years of the Valley, and talk about simply great food

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