Arzeena Hamir of Amara Farms, Merville Organics and many others organizations came into the Edible Valley studio today to talk organics. Arzeena is a noted food activist from Richmond BC who relocated to the Valley years ago to establish a farm. An authority on organics and sustainability, she is the driving force behind Merville Organics - a group of farmers upholding high standards for collective organic farming. It was great just to hear her take on the entire process and where organic food is heading here in the Valley. We look forward to checking in with Arzeena on a regular basis to see how things develop for organic farming here in the Comox Valley.



Amara Farm 

2631 Kirby Rd,

Courtenay, BC V0R,


Phone: (250) 331-0543



Facebook: Amara Farm

                  Merville Organics


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