Past Guests

Episode 75“Allison MacKenzie of Darkside Chocolates”

Episode 74 “Carmon Wakeling of Eatmore sprouts”

Episode 73 “Hans Peter Meyer”

Episode 72″ Arzeena Hamir of Amara farm”

Episode 71 “May Edible Valley podcast”

Episode 70 “Up and coming Restaurateurs”

Episode 69 “Aprils Edible Valley”

Episode 68 “Locals Restaurant with Ronald St. Pierre”

Episode 67 “Cumberland Brewery Company”

Episode 66 “20 Years of Atlas Cafe with Trent McIntyre And Sandra Viney

Episode 65 “40 Knots Winery with Layne Robert Craig & Brenda Hetman-Craig”

Episode 64 “Guerrilla Food Company with Jason”

Episode 63 “Wayward Distillation House with Andrea Brimacombe”

Episode 62 “Max of the White Whale”

Episode 61 “March’s Edible Valley”

Episode 60 “Beez Kneez Catering with Paul DeRidder”

Episode 59 “Tin Town Table with Fred Smith”

Episode 58 “Permaculture & Blayne Prowse”

Episode 57 “Ivans Truffles”

Episode 56 “Grace Obal Bates Beach Farm”

Episode 55 “Taste of Edible Valley”

Episode 54 “Saputo Junior Chefs “

Episode 53 “Communal Beat, Chris Graham”

Episode 52 “Updates to Edible Valley”

Episode 51 “Dawn McRae of Custom Gourmet Catering”

Episode 50 “Gillian Watt BC Meats for BC markets”

Episode 49 “Erin Rowsell of Taku Cookery”"Erin Roswell of Taku Cookery”

Episode 48 “Delicious Downtown and Island Gourmet Trails”

Episode 47 “Reflecting on where the show has been and where it is going”

Episode 46- Karen Pattison

Episode 45- Greg Wood of Hollie Wood Oyster

Episode 44- Carmie Dixon of Carmies Cafe and Catering.

Episode 43- Summer run down

Episode 42-Helen Grond of Middle Mountain Mead

Cooking Methods

Episode 41- Dr. Thierry Vrain on GMO

Episode 40- Author Miles Olson: Unlearn,rewild

Episode 39- Clever Crow Sea Salts and Fine Herbs

Episode 38: Matt Wright from the B.C. Shellfish Festival

Edible Valley Food Facts #2-Chicken

Episode 37- Paleo with Dr. Don Wilson

Episode 36- Catching up

Episode 35- Dyan Spink from Royston Roasting Company

Episode 34- Composting with Patty Rose

Edible Valley presents Food Facts with Darren Howlett

Episode 33- Chef Joseph Forest of Innisfree Farm

Episode 32: Shellfish Festival Gala Dinner, and other current events.

Episode 31: Cooking demo, catch-up and playing with new equipment

Episode 30- Freestyle chat about soup and more

Episode 29: Update on Edible Valley

Episode 28: Vickey Brown of the Comox Valley Farmers Market

Episode 27: Sue Smith from Beyond the Kitchen Door

Episode 26: Prontissima Pasta and Call of the Wild Seafood

Episode 25: Edible Valley Test Kitchen

Episode 24: Weinberg’s Good Food

Episode 23: Eatmore Sprouts

Episode 22: Chef Andrew Stigant of Crown Isle Resort

Episode 20: Winter Gardening with Arzeena Hamir

Episode 19: Tina Willard-Stepen of Seeds Food Market.

Episode 18: Hans Peter Meyer


Episode 17: Island Bison

Episode 16: Chef Lesley Stav

Episode 15: Tannadice Farms and Primal Girl

Episode 14: Flavour, The North Islands Gourmet Picnic

Episode 13: Arzeena Hamir of Amara Farm

Episode 12: Chef Aaron Rail

Episode 10:Ray Silvey from Fanny Bay Oysters

Episode 9: Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt

Episode Eight: The New Hope

Episode Seven: The Comox Valley $100 Challenge

Episode Six: Commercial fishing family

Episode Five: Halstead Farm

Episode Four: Welcome back

Episode Three: Brian Mccormick

Episode Two: Wild mushroom foraging

Episode One: Introductions


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Big thanks to all our guest for all you hard work and passion in what you do.