Chef Jonathan Frazier and co-host Darren Howlett explore options for the new year and express some of the possibilities that can unfold in their new studio space - “Studio Live” in Cumberland. Looking ahead they intend to focus on interviews, to resurrect the “foodie news” which showcases local food events happening in the community, and to launch into you tube clips which will include cooking demonstrations. An emphasis on going back to the basics, the fundamentals of cooking, and looking ahead to working with the Chef’s Association and What the beef is in BC! “You never know where its going to go” says Jonathan.

They also review the past podcasts, which include nearly 50 episodes focused on all aspects of food including Chefs, cuisine, farmers, diet, the local market and even composting. A request for help from listeners to bring forward what they would like to listen to, and to anyone with a fresh idea they are working on.

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