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Category: Arts:Food

Exploring and promoting local food culture.

Upcoming Episodes

March 13, 2017
Next Recording Date March 13,2016 6pm

@Studio Live in Cumberland BC

List of our up coming interview and events

  • Cocktail Revival & Bar Tending 101 
  • Lush Valley and Urban Agriculture 

On the Edible Valley Future Panel for Discussion :

  1. What is a Chef?
  2. Packaging and Food Waste.
  3. How to revitalize the downtown core?
  4. What are GMO?
  5. Kitchen Equipment
  6. How accountable are cooks and servers to there customers
  7. What are potential gaps between current training and industry?
  8. The need for Bee's
  9. Edible Valley's 2nd Cocktail Soiree (Cocktail Revival & Bar Tending 101)